1. Select facial mocap device

Please select a mocap device you want to use. To use Kinect as your mocap device you need to buy Kinect V2(Xbox One) and install Kinect SDK on your computer.

What is difference between webcam mode and Kinect mode?
  • Better mocap quality.
  • Kinect mode can capture facial motion more faster.
  • Kinect mode can be use in dark place.

2. Set your face element size and webcam resolution

If you want to increase mocap result, it is better setting your face elements size. But it is not required so you can left a values as default.

Select a webcam resolution

Select a webcam resolution from this drop down menu. We recommend using 800600.
*There are several webcam that not support this resolution. If your camera does not support 800
600, f-clone will automatically select a nearest resolution which your webcam supports.

3 Calibration

Before starting calibration please check points below.

  • Your face must located at the center of the video
  • Turn to face the camera directly and maintain a neutral expression
  • It is recommended that your forehead not be covered by bangs, that you not have a beard, and that you not wear glasses
  • Ensure that the light is sufficient to see your face clearly, and that the light is hitting your face from the front

Click the [Start calibrating] button if you are ready.
*Please do not change head position significantly until calibration ends.

Hit Start button after calibration ends.

4. Select data saving folder

Click here to select mocap record data saving folder.

5. Record mocap

To start recording mocap result, Click [Start recording] Button.
*You have to purchase a f-clone license and enter a activation code to use this function.

  • Recording will start after a 3 second(default) delay
  • If sound recording not necessary, uncheck [Sound check box]
  • f-clone out puts CSV, FBX, PZ2, and WAV data after recording

5. Broadcast real time mocap data via websocket

If you check this checkbox f-clone will broad cast real time mocap data to specific websocket address.
The parameters will be broadcast at the set URL at a maximum rate of 30 FPS (non-rotation values should be from 0 to 100).
Prior to this, you need to activate the websocket server and set the port to wait for a connection. The following parameters will be transmitted with comma separators.

Head rotation X
Head rotation Y
Head rotation Z
Brow Left UP
Brow Left Down
Brow Right UP
Brow Right Down
Brow Centering
Brow outer left down
Brow outer right down
Eye Close Left
Eye Close Right
Mouse Open
Mouse Left Smile
Mouse Right Smile
Mouse Left Spread
Mouse Right Spread
Mouse Left Frawn
Mouse Right Frawn
Mouse Left Centering
Mouse Right Centering
Cheek Left UP
Cheek Right UP
Left Eye Rotation X
Left Eye Rotation Y
Left Eye Rotation Z
Right Eye Rotation X
Right Eye Rotation Y
Right Eye Rotation Z

6. Other features

6-1 Strength of expression sensitivity You can control the strength of expression slider sensitivity. If you set it to 0, expression will not adapted to the face model.

6-2 Smoothness control Control the smoothness of the facial animation. If your mocep result is noisy, please increase this value.

6-3 Real and Cartoonish control Changing this value affects deformation strength of facial expression.

Output result of real mode and cartoonish mode

7. Direct video record mode

Click the video record mode switch.

You can directory record 3dcg video with motion capture in this mode.

1 You can stop body motion of character from this checkbox
2 Camera controller
3 Select a recording video resolution
4 Change background of video
5 Change character
6 Select any background image from your local computer

8. Video tutorials

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